Faveeo : Your always on research assistant

Filter & Refine

Guiding You Through Discovery

Our Engine automatically discovers the key Concepts, Sources and People relevant to any topic, industry or brand. Using this “Smart Context”, users are able to quickly and effortlessly build refined queries and uncover the best possible result.

Curate & Measure

Accelerating the Analysis on any topic

Our intuitive toolkit accelerates the curation and analysis of content by anyone in the organization. Thanks to it’s Magazine-like result pages and intuitive analytics, your team will instantly be contributing to your organization’s intelligence.

Publish & Share

Expands Distribution of Insights

Streamline and accelerate your organization’s access to key insights by using Faveeo’s embedded collaboration and publishing tools. Make sure your teams and partners are aligned on key market intelligence.

In Conclusion, Faveeo

 Accelerates the Discovery  of Key Content and People Impacting your Industry
 Simplifies collaborative analysis  by leveraging your team’s experience
 Expands distribution of insights  to your entire organization, partners and channels