Faveeo raises 800'000 euros to help companies go further than simply “listening” to online conversations

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Extremely excited to announce that our seed round is completed with 800k euros thanks to SBA, GBA, FONGIT & FAE!

Too much data... produces unintelligible data : that is the problem Alexis Dufresne (sociologist by training) and his team decided to take on, working on the principle that finding information is not the challenge anymore in the Big Data age.

The real challenge is to transform this information into knowledge in the most intuitive and fastest way, in order to help companies to increase their competitive advantage and their knowledge of the market. The start-up, supported in particular by the FIT (Technologic Innovation Foundation of « Canton de Vaud ») and by the SBA (Sophia Business Angels, in Sophia Antipolis) propose monitoring tools which range from simple applications for VSE (Very Small Enterprises), SME (Small ans Medium-Sized Enterprises) and Start-ups, to more complex and custom-made platforms for large companies.

« The algorithms and the technology which are hiden behind Faveeo are simply revolutionary. As they do not just aggregate content, they are looking for information in every corners of the Web, and make an intelligent use of it » says Candace Johnson, President of Success Europe and President of the EBAN (European Business Angels Association), who invested in Faveeo with SBA.

Today, the solutions of Faveeo are successfully used by research centers, NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) or big international groups, with the company having seen a growth of 300% of its revenues in 2014. To date, the main projects of Faveeo were custom-made implementations of their own business intelligence tools (listening, refining and publishing tools).

Now, the company counts among its customers EPFL, the FIDIC, UPU as well as other large entreprises in the media and the industrial domains.

« Faveeo is aimed at companies of all sizes, as we know that our customers do not have time to filter themselves the contents from the Web and the social networks, in spite of their access to classic 'monitoring' platforms. Listening is not enough any more, today it is necessary to filter and to make the data contextual if we want to understand it. Today companies are looking for solutions which can help to go beyond the listening of the social networks. It is more a question of bringing trends and key messages to the foreground, so as to make enlighted decisions, as fast as possible. » says Alexis Dufresne.

Supported by entrepreneurs recognized by their ecosystem, Faveeo counts personalities in its board in particular Hervé Liboureau, Director Mobility Europe at SAP, and Marcel Dridje Cisco EMEA Sales Executive , IT & Telecom business angel.

Welcome to our new Investor and Board Member :
Marcel Dridje, Ex-Cisco EMEA Sales Executive!

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We are extremely pleased to announce that Marcel Dridje a seasoned and experienced Sales Executive is joining our team as a member of it's Board of Directors and as an Investor in the company.

Marcel Dridje will act as Advisor for Faveeo's Global Go-To-Market Strategy and will leverage his experience and network to help the company's growth worldwide.

« Based on my humble 30 years IT & Telecom experience , most Fortune 500 and SMBs are looking at creative ways to digest and monetize the huge Data flow being stored , read and thrown at them .

Faveeo has responded to this challenge and produced a unique, friendly and easy to use way to solving this huge issue : A collaborative discovery, filtering and recommendation system that helps users and companies quickly find relevant information that helps anyone in the organization make smarter decisions and remain agile much faster than with traditional BI tools.

The fact that the tool does not focus on pure listening like most players in this field, but instead focus on media and social media intelligence was a true differentiator for me as I know this market – linked to predictive analysis and artificial intelligence has an enormous potential in the future. » - says Marcel Dridje about his latest investment.

About Marcel Dridje

As a seasoned European Sales Executive, Marcel Dridje has substantial field experience helping IT and Telecom startups in the US and EMEA.

Marcel has a broad range of experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, communication and management with direct experience with Fortune 500 enterprises (IBM, Nortel, Lucent, Cisco, EMC, ALU) and startups (Quantum, Andrew Networks, Pluris, Corvis, Ascend and Airespace).

Marcel Dridje most recently left CISCO after 30 years in IT and Telecom Sales to start his new venture as a Business Angel to help startups with seed money, VC connections and Business development. Vaelsys,Microgine and Cyberflowanalytics are three of his star ventures.

Three major highlights from his career include helping Airespace to be the #2 WLAN in EMEA market share and positioned Cisco to be #1 WLAN vendor worldwide. He has helped start promoting Cisco VCE alliance (VMware, EMC, Cisco) and the BMC OEM relationship to Kick Start their first SP IaaS Cloud offering on a worldwide basis .He also pioneered the French ISP Internet business while leading Ascend’s insertion into FT/Orange first ISP business to include ISDNET, OLEANE and Internet way.

« Marcel's deep knowledge of the IT & Telecom industries are only matched by his great experience of entreprise sales which will undoubtedly bring key value to Faveeo as it moves to global expansion targeting the Fortune 1000 companies. » says Faveeo's CEO Alexis Dufresne.

About Faveeo

Offering a set of integrated tools focused on helping large organizations and companies manage stream of data – and meta data – created externally and internally, Faveeo helps it's customers make sense of the sea of unstructured information available on the web and social media.

At the crossroads between media monitoring, big data and analytics, the company's mission is to simplify and streamline company's ability to detect and filter valuable information, they can then turn into actionable knowledge thanks to it's social intelligence -scalable curation- solutions.

As such, Faveeo's toolkit can be used for Media Monitoring, Competitive Intelligence analysis, Market Research, but also for Social Media monitoring and engagement, and Content Marketing.

Today it's customers range from Fortune 1000 companies like Bombardier, to International Organizations and NGO's like UICC, FIDIC and others.