About Faveeo

What is Faveeo?

Faveeo is a web & social media discovery and monitoring tool. Our systems discovers, filters and recommends information according to the users queries and interests, searching in billions of websites, social media channels and news outlets.
By analysing user's behaviour and context, we can recommend relevant information and automatically connect similar users so they start sharing information in a more efficient way.
To achieve this, we use text-mining technologies, combined with semantic systems that extract the meaning of the content. At the end of the process we used advanced recommendation algorithms to deliver content directly to all users that have an interest for a certain topic.
The result is a daily or weekly list of "not to miss" and important content that can then be used by our clients in their analysis and their daily business activities.

What's the problem?

We think finding quality information today is way to hard and time consuming. Using search engines to monitor informations means you would need to search over and over again for the same words.
Following news by RSS or Twitter means you need to find and select valuable sources. Finding relevant sources takes a lot of time, but once you did find these sources, then it takes even more time to filter the quality content from them.
Furthermore, limiting your content discovery campaign to only a selected set of sources is a de-facto limitation for any good information and content discovery and monitoring campaign.
Finally, information distribution today is limited by the need to setup explicit workgroup and social networks which also decrease the serendipity and interconnections that are possible when simply analysing the habits, behaviour and context of all users in the system.

Our solution

Our system speeds up the process of information monitoring at every step. First, it automatically finds quality and relevant sources from the web and social media according to the user's interests.
Second, Faveeo will select quality content from these sources according to the semantic value of the text and also according to previous feedback from the user.
Third, the system creates « liquid » and « flexible » communities inside organizations, creating ad-hoc and fluid networks that adapt to the users needs, interests, preferences and habits.

Key Benefits

Speed up internal information sharing by automatically notifying relevant users when someone in the team validates an important information;
Construct advanced queries thanks to our visual semantic search engine that will help identify related concepts and trends you might have missed otherwise;
Discover relevant information from billions of web sites quickly thanks to our recommendation engine that will filter out and push information according to your (and your team) ongoing feedback.

We are now actively preparing the release of our 1st commercial version of the product, due to lauch in Q1 2013. In the meantime we are launching new pilot programs with selected organizations. If you are interested in discussing about how we could launch a free pilot program, please contact us.